Allbright's Donuts - Santa Cruz, CA

On a lazy day in Santa Cruz, CA, my friends and I were on a search to purchase some beach cruiser bicycles. We were directed to a shop called Cruiser King where the bikes were too expensive for our taste, but as we parked and walked we were drawn to this donut shop, Allbright’s Donuts. I asked the lady working how old the shop was and she said somewhere around 30 years. I’m telling you guys… Donut Shops are a strong and stable business, especially if you are of Asian decent. ;-)

Vibe of Shop: 4 Nadas
It had that classic 70’s diner vibe, which I like. I really like the seating arrangement.

Outside Appreance: 4 Nadas
I loved the corner location and the color choices. Very inviting.

Service: 2 Nadas
The lady wasn’t that friendly. I assumed it was because she had been there all night making donuts, as it was 2pm in the afternoon when we visited. She helped us, but didn’t go beyond the donuts. It was all business.
Taste of Glaze Donut: 4 ½ Nadas
I was very impressed with the donuts. They tasted fresh and even now, just thinking of them makes my mouth water.

Coffee: 2 ½ Nadas
The coffee tasted in between quality coffee and dirty water. Ha. But it was still drinkable. I’ve had worse.

Special: The size of the donuts were grand. If you’re on a diet, don’t come here…. Well… if you’re on a diet, don’t eat donuts.

Wow!!! Safeway Donut Special

Check this out! I couldn't believe the price... though the taste was a bit lacking, in a budget crisis these donuts will pull you through!

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