Donut Factory Placerville, CA

Donuts are God's gift to mankind. They are the culmination of endless years of human craft perfecting baking techniques of yeast and flour, and discovering balanced methods of molding sugar into a perfect blanket of crisp piquant delight.

On this day we found ourselves driving through Placerville on our way to South Lake Tahoe for a day of snowboarding. We knew we needed something to start our day off on the right foot, so we asked google where the nearest donut shop was. We found The Donut Factory.

Overall Shop Rating: 3 Nadas
It was average, deserving an average write up on this average blog post.

Vibe of the Shop: 3 Nadas
It was your run-of-the-mill donut hang out. Nothing special, but nothing not special.

Taste of the Glaze Donut: 3 Nadas
It was a little bread-y. I was hoping for a little more fluff in the dough, but my hopes we dashed upon the grind stone of too much dough density.

Coffee: 2 Nadas
Bland donut coffee. In the age of the hipster, I figured donut shops might catch wind that people like quality gourmet coffee. But, what was I expecting... This is Placerville, CA. Hipsters can stomach the ruggedness of this town.

The selection of donuts was nice, and they even had a blueberry donut!

The outdoor seating was nice too. I love when you can enjoy the outdoors while munching on a good snack.

Overall, if I lived in this town and needed a donut, I would come here.

Go get 'em. Donuts.

National Donut Day 2015...again

You may think, "This is overkill."
I respond, "Why not National Donut Day everyday?"

Well, 2 national donut days in 2015, 2 hands, 2 donuts.
If only I had 2 mouths to consume more quicker. 

NEWS FLASH: Donuts are healthy!!!

I've known this all along.

Well... I've always hoped it was true.

Well... Make sure to work out and eat veggies along with donut consumption for best results.

Happy National Donut Day 2015... Late

Hey Guys,
I know, I know. National Donut Day was last Friday and I didn't post anything. I got enough razz from everyone about it, but I have a good excuse. So here it is in a mathematical equation:

Dave - 3 hours of Surfing daily X 730 days + 1 raised glaze donut X 1 too many = Time to exercise.

So, my wife and I decided to celebrate our 3rd anniversary by climbing to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite. Let me tell you, it was probably the most sketchy thing I have ever done in my life.
I liken it to child birth (though I've never done that). One of my good friends told me that while watching his son be born he was a little... correction... A LOT freaked out. He said it was like a war zone in the room. His wife was screaming in pain, there was blood on the walls, and he was petrified in confusion. But he said, "It's the weirdest thing, the women, they forget. Right after all that chaos and the baby is put in their arms they say, 'Let's have another.' But us men... We never forget. I can't forget [shaking his head looking at the floor]."

So, climbing 4,800 feet up in elevation in 8.2 miles was very, very painful (this isn't the part like childbirth). After hours and hours, and countless stairs of granite, we finally reached the cables. At this point you are faced with an ominous view of thin cables attached to unattached poles, resting in small holes, leading up a 45 degree incline up a rock that has a thousand foot drop off on both sides. Ignoring our natural given instincts we trekked on up, with no safety ropes or anything, stopping on every board to breathe and make sure our hands we strong enough to literally hold our lives. At one point we almost turned back, but then I remembered that old ladies and little kids do this climb. We couldn't allow ourselves to be showed up by them. At least not at this oint in our lives. So we climbed on.

At the top, exhausted, we said resolutely, "We don't ever need to do this again." So we enjoyed the view over some light snacks for a couple hours, took some pictures, and then headed back down.

Here's a little insight, walking down hill is easier than walking up. Everything feels lighter, even your spirit, at least mine did. Maybe it was the lack a good donut on an important donut holiday, or maybe my brain was starving for electrolytes, but I started to think to myself until it finally slipped out of my lips (and this is the part like childbirth), "I would like to do that again sometime."

Thanks for reading my story.
I hope you enjoyed the best donut of your life on National Donut Day 2015!


Happy National Doughnut Day! Spelling is everything.

Today is National Doughnut Day, not to be confused with National Donut Day in June.

My friend informed me this morning that I was referenced in blog post by the Palm Beach Post Wesbite: "As the final arbiter of the donut vs. doughnut spellcheck squabble, we consult no less an authority than Dave, a surfer from Santa Cruz, CA who writes a blog called Dave’s Donut Blog whose photo shows a guy with a sugar-rimmed mouth." I feel very honored today to be considered a leading authority on donuts.

In celebration I thought I would share with you a recent discovery I have made. A fruit called the Donut Peach! It's proper name is the Saturn Peach, but any fruit that carries the name or resemblance of a donut, is a fruit I want to consume. Boom.

Have a great day!


National Donut Day 2013

Well, it's "National Donut Day" here in the US of A and the Ocean in Santa Cruz decided to celebrate with big waves for all the surfers.
For me and my wife, surfing and donuts are heavily entwined. There's no comfort equal to eating a fluffy morsel of fried glazed dough after a couple hours of getting destroyed by mother nature. So, nearly every time after surfing in Santa Cruz, Jenn and I head on over to Dunlap's Donuts on the corner of Portola Dr. and 38th Ave and visit Marney (the cambodia lady who runs the place) to replenish all the calories we just burned off... and some.

Jenn's Fave: Cinnamon Twist
Dave's Fave: Glazed Blueberry Cake (and sometimes maple bar or glazed bear claw)

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How donuts found their foothold in America?

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