National Donut Day 2013

Well, it's "National Donut Day" here in the US of A and the Ocean in Santa Cruz decided to celebrate with big waves for all the surfers.
For me and my wife, surfing and donuts are heavily entwined. There's no comfort equal to eating a fluffy morsel of fried glazed dough after a couple hours of getting destroyed by mother nature. So, nearly every time after surfing in Santa Cruz, Jenn and I head on over to Dunlap's Donuts on the corner of Portola Dr. and 38th Ave and visit Marney (the cambodia lady who runs the place) to replenish all the calories we just burned off... and some.

Jenn's Fave: Cinnamon Twist
Dave's Fave: Glazed Blueberry Cake (and sometimes maple bar or glazed bear claw)

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Donuts Cookies and Cream said...

we definitely have to try this out. Check our blog out as well

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