Christy’s Donuts – Danville, CA

Overall Shop rating 3 NadasOn this day, my friends and I found ourselves on a backyard concert tour called the Fire Pit Tour. We were in Danville playing at the Wisenor abode and before the show we needed some refreshment so we headed to their local donut shop just around the corner from their home.

Vibe of Shop: 3 ½ Nadas
When I walked inside I enjoyed the home-like feel of the joint, but I did feel a little cramped. It was like a miniature house for dolls, but with donuts.

Outside Appearance: 4 Nadas
Nestled in a nice nook of a strip mall and surrounded by a thrift store for old people, I enjoyed the seating outside, though at the time it was occupied by a mom and her children. I wish they weren’t there because it was a beautiful day outside and I wanted to enjoy my dough nugget in the sun.

Hours: Mon-Fri 5:30am-5pm, Sat 6am-2pm, Sun 6am-1pm

Service: 4 Nadas
The servers were kind and helpful… and Asian. Always a plus.

Taste of Glaze Donut: 3 Nadas
I visited this place with my friend, Kent, and his kids and I had high hopes because he built it up as his regular stop. I’m sorry, Kent, but they just didn’t bring the excellence I was hoping for.Blueberry Donut? Yes
I’ve heard it said that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and in the same way I will say: You can’t judge a donut by it’s glaze. This donut looked great but was just average. Again, I’m sorry, Kent. I wish I could give a higher rating for your sake. Maybe it’s just because we came later in the day, but a good donut should hold it’s it’s course til the end of donut day.

Coffee: 3 Nadas
Average, but it didn’t make me gag so that’s always a good thing.

Special: My favorite part about the shop were the old movie posters and random decorations on the walls. Also, I enjoyed the polka dot wall paper.

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