Leonard's Bakery - Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha! In February 2009 I had the great pleasure of visiting my relatives. I surfed, ate sushi, enjoyed family chill time... The only thing that was missing was a donut… So my cousin took me to a Honolulu specialty: Leonard’s Bakery. Now, Malasadas are not donuts and I know that this is a donut blog, but I believe that they are close cousins and equal in taste so here is my experience eating a Malasada.

Vibe of Shop: 2 Nadas
I was disappointed that there were no seats inside. There were a few seats outside, which, I guess makes sense since the weather in Hawaii is amazing. Also, things looked a little rundown inside but… it is over 55 years old!

Outside Appearance: 5+ Nadas
The d├ęcor of the outside was like a Las Vegas Casino, but when you go inside, instead of gambling your money, you win every time! The signs were amazing and old and had more style and flair than a flamboyant hair dresser.

Hours: 3 Nadas
It is not open 24 hours. ☹ I believe they close at 11pm.

Service: 3 Nadas
The service was a bit slow but I understand why. They take your order, walk back and fry the malasada, and then bring it to you. So fresh! Also, they have a uniform: cute 50’s style dresses. I like the vibe and professionalism they are portraying.

Taste of Glaze Donut (Malasada): 5 Nadas
Oh boy! Where do I start? They fry the malasadas right when you order them! This insures super freshness. The outside was warm and crispy and the inside was moist and delicious. I also order a chocolate-filled and a coconut-filled and they were all amazing! Doughy goodness! Mmmmmm….

Coffee: N/A
I was so distracted by my cousins, girlfriend, and the excitement that I had discovered “a new brand of donut,” that I forget to order a cup of coffee. Sorry.

Special: They sold everything you would need on a birthday cake. They had so many options of candles. I especially like that they sell balloons!

So my official verdict is: Go eat a Malasada!!! They are sooooo scrumptious... And thank you, Leonard, for starting this fine establishment.


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