Dunkin’ Donuts – Stratford, CT (1150 Honeyspot Rd)

Overall Shop rating: 3½ Nadas
I have never seen a donut combo meal… until now. This place really takes donut service to the next level. 2 donuts and a coffee for $2.29 (Combo #1). What a deal! Vibe of Shop: 4 Nadas
This was the largest donut shop I have ever seen. There were so many seats for lounging, and the ordering area was huge, but they still successfully pulled off the décor of a classic donut shop, specifically the ugly tile floor.

Outside Appearance: 3 Nadas
This was like taking McDonalds and making it a donut shop, drive through and all.

Hours: 24/7!!!!

Service: 4 ½ Nadas
They service help was very friendly and fun. We had some laughs together but there was one thing that perplexed me.Dunkin’ Donuts is as much a coffee shop as it is a donut shop and when Jenn asked for a Latte with 2 shots of espresso, they didn’t understand how to make the drink or how to ring it up on the register. I saw a commercial on TV claiming that consumers preferred Dunkin’ coffee to Starbucks coffee. This is what I think: If you’re going to be a donut shop, know how to make good donuts. If you’re going to be a coffee shop, make sure your employees know what a soy double-short white chocolate no-whip mocha is.

Taste of Glaze Donut: 4 Nadas
This Dunkin’ Glaze was better than my first experience. I think it was fresher. This being my second glaze from Dunkin, I noticed something about it: the glaze donut has a hint of tartness or fruitiness. I wonder what the ingredient is….

Blueberry Donut: Yes! And more… On this visit I tried a Blueberry Crunch donut. It was so delicious. I recommend it if you are looking to branch out.

Coffee: 2 Nadas
I keep hearing these rumors about Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee being amazing… So far, I can only rate the coffee as mediocre. Maybe I am spoiled from all the great quality coffee in Santa Cruz, or maybe the rumors were started by Dunkin’ employees to sell more coffee. All I know is that my taste buds were not impressed.

Special: They sell these little dough nuggets, which are usually known as donut holes.
The Dunkin’ Donut chain stores call them “Munchkins.” At this particular shop, they had jelly filled powdered munchkins… and they were AMAZING!!! Little mouth-fulls of pure joy, like a donut party in your mouth.

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