Guest Donut Critic, Travis Oberg on Menahga Bake Shop

Overall, 3 nadas

While in the north Minnesota woods me and Dad were waiting for Loren, who was getting bearings for his fishing boat trailer at the auto shop, and we decided to get a donut for breakfast. The local bakery is the place, Dad said, and already the locals had gathered for coffee and conversation.

We went inside the nondescript building, which outside advertised only "Bakery" to find a plethora people and donut goodies. Breads and the like were all staked in the back room, so i figure they must supply other places in town.

My favorite is the coffee sign taped to the coffee machine. Obviously there have been some messes made....or else they wouldn't need such a strongly worded reminder.

Glaze: 2 nadas
It simply was just o.k.

Coffee: 1 nada
Very bad. pretty much brown water, but at .40 cents. I'm not complaining.

Vibe: 5 nadas
The locals make it what it is. mostly farmers, and woodsman, hunters and other people carved out of wood. Really good chatter about all things local, the place was full.

Specialty item: no Blueberry donut but, they have amazing Finnish Cardamon flatbread. 4 nadas. tasty tasty!

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