Dunlap’s Donuts - Santa Cruz, CA

Overall Shop Rating: 4 1/2 NadasDunlap’s Donuts, known to my friends and I as 38th donuts, is perfectly located on the corner of Portola and 38th Ave. It’s a few short blocks from the popular surf spots known as the Hook, Pleasure Point, and 38th Ave, which makes this the regular stop after surf sessions. Honestly, there’s not much better than tasty fried sugary dough after paddling around for a couple hours in 50 degree water. Also, I’ve always loved the servers there. I believe it’s run by a Cambodian family and I’ve enjoyed seeing some of their kids grow up over the years (I’ve been going here for a long time).

Vibe of the Shop: 5 Nadas
This is the perfect donut lounge scenario. donuts in the middle, seats all around. No matter what time you get there, there’s a big possibility 2 to 3 older guys will be sitting in the corner talking about the good ol’ days.

Outside Appearance: 4 1/2 Nadas
I love the quaint look, the location, and ample parking, but I wish there were some tables and chairs outside so that one could soak in the sun while enjoying a sugary morsel.Hours: I’m not sure the exact hours, but I do know that they are open earlier than you want to be awake, and they stay open til at least 8 at night. Definitely not 24 hours.

Service: 5 Nadas
Every time I go in the lady named, Linda, serves with smile… either her or her son, who is also super cool.

Taste of the Glaze Donut: 4 Nadas
Honestly I’ve had better, but these donuts are still really tasty. It has good moistness/fluffiness/density ratio and the glaze is not too thin and not too overbearing.

Coffee: 3 Nadas
Santa Cruz has such a great coffee culture so if you want excellent coffee all you have to do is walk about 200 yards north to Coffeetopia or walk a block south to the award winning Verve Coffee. The coffee at Dunlap’s is just average but it does the job and it’s cheap!

Blueberry Donut: Yessssss!!!! And actually this is the blueberry donut that I use as the standard for all others. I believe that this is their strength. It could be that a blueberry donut is the perfect post-surf snack, though.

Go surf and get a donut!

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