Voodoo Doughnut 2 – Portland, OR

Overall Shop rating: A Creepy 4 Nadas

What do you get when you mix hot oil, sassiness, a little sugar, and flour? Voodoo Donuts.

Vibe of Shop: 4 Nadas

This shop was kind of creepy. It was nice that there was ample space to sit and enjoy your donut but what was strange was the type of seating. They had elementary school desks, a dentist chair, and a coffin bench. I do appreciate the creativity. It goes well with the Voodoo theme. Also present: Adams family pinball machines.

Outside Appearance: 4 Nadas

I forget the movie title, but do you remember the movie where the smiley clown is evil and kills people? Or do you ever notice when an intense gun fight is shown over Bach? I forget what that is called (I think irony) but Voodoo Donuts, a shop with a gothic, twisted and slightly perverted take on donuts, fully embraces pink. Most dozen donut boxes are pink.

Hours: 24 Hours

Service: A slightly gross 4 Nadas

The waitress was friendly, she had cool tattoos, but she had 2 things going against her: 1. She was not Asian, which I am completely fine with me, but Asian Donut People just make me comfortable. 2. She had bushes of hair screaming from her armpits. I kept imagining that a short curly armpit hair would fall on a donut as she reached into the display case to grab donuts. Ew. It grossed me out. (I’m sorry, donut girl, if you are reading this. I don’t mean to hate on your shaving preferences)

Taste of Glaze Donut: 5 Nadas

I can’t deny it. No matter how strange I felt to be in that shop, their glaze donut is amazingly moist, fluffy, and a perfect balance of sweetness.

Blueberry Donut: Who cares?! They have Maple bars with real Bacon, Donuts with Captian Crunch and more. Read the blog on Voodoo Doughnut 1 for more details.

Coffee: 5 Nadas

Stumptown Coffee. Fresh, strong, delicious. Again, read the blog on Voodoo Doughnut 1 for more details.

Special: What made this experience especially creepy was that, on this day, they were hosting a Halloween Luau in the parking lot. There were several Hearse Coffin Cars on display, gothic face-painting booths, cute little innocent blonde children running around with death face paint, a gothic belly dancer and more weird crap. It was really strange. They were trying to raise money so that a little girl could go to Rock and Roll camp, so I do respect that.


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