Donut Rising - Chico, CA

Overall Shop rating: 4 Nadas
In my extensive donut research I have found that there are 3 categories of donut shops: corporate shops (Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts), small family owned shops (Ferrell’s Donuts, Dunlap Donuts), and crazy boutique shops (Voodoo Donuts, Psycho Donuts). Donut Rising falls in the last category and does the “boutique donut thing” well! I loved the thought and planning that went into the décor and I love the interesting and creative approach to the donut flavors. Chico, being a rootsy college town and the home of the successful and creative brewery, Sierra Nevada, I wouldn’t expect less of their donut culture. Donut Rising is quality and a great donut stop!

Vibe of Shop: 4 ½ Nadas
When I walked in, I was floored by the décor. The use of donut pink was skillfully balance with the bright green and checkered floors. One can’t help but smile and feel a little crazy when walking into this shop.

Outside Appearance: 3 Nadas
I enjoyed the location, being nestled in a quaint strip mall and being neighbors of Wok’N Roll Hawaiian BBQ. I was disappointed that there was no outdoor seating.

Hours: 7am – 3pm-ish

Service: 4 Nadas
The girl who helped us was very kind and informative and after talking a bit, I found out she was a part owner. For the record, she wasn’t of Asian descent, but she made a killer donut!Taste of Glaze Donut: 4 Nadas
The donut was fully, moist, and the glaze was near perfect. The flavor didn’t necessarily stick out, though. Maybe it’s because I was so excited about trying the bacon maple bar.

Blueberry Donut… I’m not sure. I was so distracted by all the crazy flavors (like Maple Bacon and Chai) that I forgot to look. Coffee: 4 Nadas
It was delicious and simple. I don’t know what else to say.

Special: Obviously, this shop is shooting for creativity and the unique taste niche. I was so pumped on the Chico Chai donut. I would highly recommend it! The Maple Bacon… Mmmmm. Perfect blend of saltiness and sweet. Actually, while we were sitting there discussing the flavors, my friends, Chris, Travis, and I came up with a new twist… We call it the Volcano: a donut with Bacon, Maple frosting, and filled small bits of jalapenos! I can’t wait for someone to try and create it! I would, except I don’t know how to make a decent raise glaze yet. First things first…

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Miss-Informed said...

It is incredible. Deelish times 10! My husband and I chanced upon Donut Rising and we shared the maple bacon donut and thee most divine peach filled donut. I will most def. be back!!!

Dave Hall said...

Seriously?? we just went there this morning, after seeing all the great reviews on this place...NEVER again!! This place SUCKS at making donuts!!! No flavor in the dough itself,,the "chocolate icing" tastes like maybe Nestles quick and water...ordered 3 different ones..couldn't even choke down more than a bite or two of each....if this is the best that this area has to offer..we are in serious trouble!! Safeway is right next door, and has MUCH better stuff!! And by the way,,as we walked in..the lady working there, was sitting talking to an apparent friend,,who decided to bring her DOG in with her,,and just hang out..NOT a service dog!! NEXT!!!!

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