Selma Donuts (formerly The Bears Den) - Selma, CA

Overall Shop rating 4 ¼ NadasWhen I was about 11 years old, I went to Magic Mountain with my best friend, Jeremy. I was challenged to face one of the largest fears in my life up to that point: to ride a rollercoaster that goes upside down. Oh man, I was scared. I followed the line winding back and forth as I watched the coaster do it’s single loop over and over, and then I actually walked back out to the entrance saying I couldn’t do it. Finally my buddy talked me into it so we rode the ride (I think it was called Revolution) and I realized that going upside down on a rollercoaster isn’t that bad at all. In fact, it was fun! I was growing up.

That story has nothing to do with donuts or a donut shop, but later that day as we were walking along I looked down and found a Twenty dollar bill! I, being a good kid, asked my friend’s dad if I should turn it in. He directed me to tell an attendant, and the said I could keep it. I was so pumped! It was like winning the lottery, though I wouldn’t even know what the lotto was until years later. Anyway, finding Selma donuts was like finding that $20 bill. I was driving along an alternate route from Hume Lake to SoCal and, Boom! There it was: an Oasis in this never ending farming community.

Vibe of Shop: 4 Nadas
It had great space for seating and vibing out with friends.Outside Appearance: 3 Nadas
There was no seating outside, and it had the wrong name for it’s sign (The Bears Den), but it was a nice strip mall equipped with pizza shop and laundry.

Hours: 4am – 4pm

Service: 5 Nadas
The gal serving was so friendly and kind. She had a great smile. We had a great conversation about why most donut shops are owned by Cambodian families. Her theory was that it’s passed through relatives. I’ll try and research this further to verify, but dang, Cambodians know how to make good donuts. Nada is Cambodian and he went back home. I miss you, Nada.

Taste of Glaze Donut: 4 ¾ Nadas
Soooo soft and slightly moist with the perfect crisp glaze and a wonderful flavor that wasn’t overwhelming. It was almost perfect.

Blueberry Donut: Yes!
But sadly, they were sold out by the time we got there.

Coffee: 4 ½ Nadas
Good smooth flavor, and pleasant taste. I enjoyed not having to stop at another coffee shop to rinse out the bad taste as I occasionally do with other donut shop coffee

Special: They make sandwiches and sell cereal.

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Note: I couldn't find Selma Donuts on so I used the closest business


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