Good Day Donuts – Mission Hills, CA

3 ¾ Nadas

There are two approaches to business that I commonly see. The first is: choose a product and make it the best it can be. Let your business be known for the quality and superiority of that one product and push it hard… real hard.

The second way to do business is more of a “fish net” tactic. Throw a broad net and catch whatever you can.

Good Day Donuts surprised me. They were a café, ice cream shop, mini mart, and donut shop all wrapped into one. And the best part is…. They were great at it all, especially the donuts!

Vibe of Shop: 2 ½ Nadas

There was good seating, but it was a little crowded. This is understandable, since it is also a mini mart. Surprisingly they stayed true to the donut, making good use of donut pink in the décor.

Outside Appearance: 3 Nadas

Nestled in a respectable strip mall it felt donut worthy though there was no outdoor seating.

Hours: 4:30am – 8:00pm

Service: The lady was a bit eggy and cold, but the milk was warm.

Taste of Glaze Donut: 4 ½ Nadas

This is the one redeeming factor that takes this place to the next level. Super moist and fluffy, the glaze was almost perfect but just a little too heavy. The taste of the donut was sweet but not overbearing.

Blueberry Donut? No.

Coffee: 2 Nadas

Watered down and tastes like Los Angeles river water with sediment.

Special: This place was a mini mart so one could buy anything from lotto tickets, to hats and sunglasses, to beer and smoothies, and even full hot meals. One could survive for weeks locked up in this place, though the donuts would most likely go stale pretty quick.

PS. The custard filled chocolate donut was AMAZING!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh that Donut looks really great. Here in Munich we have a special location where the owner creates special Donuts in Boogie Donuts & Coffee - really great what he puts in - I love Donuts

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