Happy National Doughnut Day! Spelling is everything.

Today is National Doughnut Day, not to be confused with National Donut Day in June.

My friend informed me this morning that I was referenced in blog post by the Palm Beach Post Wesbite: "As the final arbiter of the donut vs. doughnut spellcheck squabble, we consult no less an authority than Dave, a surfer from Santa Cruz, CA who writes a blog called Dave’s Donut Blog whose photo shows a guy with a sugar-rimmed mouth." I feel very honored today to be considered a leading authority on donuts.

In celebration I thought I would share with you a recent discovery I have made. A fruit called the Donut Peach! It's proper name is the Saturn Peach, but any fruit that carries the name or resemblance of a donut, is a fruit I want to consume. Boom.

Have a great day!



Donuts Cookies and Cream said...

Dave! We've seen your blog a number of times and are glad that you posted yesterday for National Doughnut Day! Could this be revival of Dave's Donut Blog?

- Donuts, Cookies, And Cream Team

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