41st Donut House - Santa Cruz, CA

Welcome to my Donut blog!

This is my crituque of 41st Donut House on 41st ave in Santa Cruz, CA.

Years ago I worked at a summer camp teaching surfing. We would wake up every morning at 5am and take 12 or so high schoolers out in the ocean to try and surf. This was the beginning of my affinity of donuts. I had a co-teacher named Peter Culp who figured out a ingenious plan: We would take those 12 kids to the donut shop every morning after surfing and, in return, the donut shop would give me and Peter free donuts. Amazing! This turned out to be a great relationship as Pete and I loved donuts, and the donut shop loved business.

Anyway, I have since been robbed of my arrangement because I cannot produce 12 students every morning. So... I am now reduced to the way of the common man: purchasing donuts.

This is my experience: I was with my girlfriend one afternoon post surfing on the east side of Santa Cruz (by the way, a donut tastes sooooo good after surfing) and we decided to stop in and grab a donut. To my dissappointment the selection was very slim. I guess you need to get up early to eat at this place.

Here's my critque in Nadas... 5 being the best.

Selection (at 2pm in the afternoon): 1 1/2 Nadas
They had the basics and that's about it... but they did have blueberry!

Vibe of shop: 2 Nadas
It was kind of bland in here. Not much going on inside and outside was a busy street. There were a few people sitting inside and they weren't very friendly. They kept eyeing me for taking pictures. Ha.

Friendliness of workers: 2 Nadas
They weren't very talkative, but they were asian! I love asian people... they feel like relatives.

Taste of Donut: 3 Nadas
The cinnamon twist tasted good. It wasn't amazing, but it was good.

If you are hungry for a donut, this is the place to stop.
If you are hungry for an amazing donut experience, go to Ferrell's and visit Nada.


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