Mom's Donut Shop - Bakersfield, CA

Hey guys,

This donut shop is the one that actually inspired this whole donut blog idea. I was across the street at a church setting up for a concert and I wanted.... no.... needed some coffee. ;) So I walked across the street to the supermarket to get a cup. When I approached the grocery store my eyes befell on this beautiful golden nugget, Mom's Donut Shop. The thing that really got me was the writing on the right side of the windows: "Special Lunch & Dinner, Chinese Food To Go." Ha. I loved the idea. What more could you want? Donuts for breakfast, chinese for lunch and dinner. This place has it covered!Here's my critique in Nadas again (5 Nadas being the best):

Vibe: 4 Nadas. It feels like most donut shops. You know how you can go to Starbucks anywhere and they all feel the same? It was like that. I liked it. It felt like home.

Service: 2 Nadas. Not super friendly, but asian, which was comforting. Remember the Starbucks concept?

Selection: 4 Nadas. The main disappointment: NO BLUEBERRY DONUTS! But they did have one specialty I have yet to find elsewhere. It was a cinnamon roll on it's side and wrapped a little differently. I got one. It tasted great.

Coffee: N/A. I didn't get any because I got some at the supermarket next door.

I recommend a stop at
Mom's Donut Shop!


Katie Hund said...

This is an interesting blog dedicated to donuts. Seeing that I cannot remember the last time I consumed a donut, I'm not quite sure i'll be able to get into it.

But, I have two potential talking points you may want to look into:
1. Donut or Doughnut, what's the difference? (I honestly don't know how one should spell it).
2. The donut beverage dilemma (Why Scott Nystrom refuses to eat a donut if he does not have milk).

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