Felton Donuts Muffins & Pastries - Felton, CA

Hello! Once again... Welcome to my donut blog. This blog is about my experience at Felton Donuts Muffins & Pastries.

My poor little 1991 Honda Accord was in poor shape and in desperate need of fixing, so I headed down the hill from my house to Ernie's Auto Repair in Felton (I highly suggest these guys for auto repair. They are good and very honest). After turning in my keys to Ernie's I stepped outside to wait for my ride home. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a coffee shop so I headed that direction. To my excitement next door was Felton Donuts!!! I was so stoked to have another opportunity to add to my donut blog. Here is my critique (5 Nadas being the best!)

Convienience: 4 Nadas
While waiting for your car to be fixed you can grab a donut! So perfect.

Vibe of the shop: 4 1/2 Nadas
It was very warm and homey. I liked the blue decor with the blue and white checkered tile floor. It had a very happy and positive feel.

Taste of the Donut: 3 Nadas
The donuts were just ok. Not great, but not bad. They were a treat since I did not expect to be consuming a donut on this morning.

Donut Selection: 4 1/2 Nadas
Well done, Felton Donuts. You had blueberry and all. Thank you.

Coffee: 5 Nadas
They had quite the selection. There was a coffee shop next door, but I had no need to go there because I had so many options and they tasted good. No espresso drinks though.

Friendliness: 4 1/2 Nadas
The lady was very helpful and super stoked when I told her about my donut blog. It still didn't get me a free donut though. :(

Two satified customers.
Thank you, Felton Donuts. Thank you.


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