Donut Den – Crestline, CA

Overall Shop rating: ?This trip brought me and my band to the mountains of Crestline,CA near Lake Arrowhead. The town was a cute mountain town and I did not expect to find a donut shop in such a small community town. I was so pumped to see the Donut Den as we drove through town. We couldn’t stop at that time so we made a special trip later only to find the shop closed, looking as though it’s been closed for business for years. I asked a local about it later and he said that it’s still open but run by a crackhead. I don’t think I’ll be going back for a donut there. Who knows what finds it’s way into the dough….

Vibe of Shop: Creepy

Outside Appearance: 1 Nada
This place looked like an old, forgotten run-down log cabin with all the windows boarded up. I wonder what really went on inside… We may never know.Hours: ?

Service: ?

Taste of Glaze Donut: ?

Blueberry Donut: ?

Coffee: ?

Special: There were really cool benches made out of tree logs outside. They reminded me of Lincoln Logs.

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It's somewhere around there...


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