Mr. T’s Delicate Donut – Modesto, CA

Overall Shop Rating: 4 Nadas

When you find yourself in the central valley of California, which I personally recommend staying away from, and you are hungry for a donut, go to Star Donuts in Lodi. If you aren’t near Lodi and instead you are in Modesto, go to Mr. T’s Delicate Donut. There’s not much I like about Modesto, but Mr. T’s has now been put on the “Happy Things About Modesto” list.

Vibe of Shop: 4 Nadas

This place has a great balance of clean and classy while still firming holding onto a small town mom-and-pop shop feel. It has plenty of space for eating donuts and conversing with friends, old and new.

Outside Appearance: 4 Nadas

I liked the clean appearance of the strip mall. It felt very classy and tidy. The only thing I would ask for is outdoor seating… although this is Modesto and it is blazing hot most of the year, so never mind.

Hours: 24 Hours

Service: 4 Nadas

Happy. Friendly. Asian. I’d like to be his friend.

Taste of Glaze Donut: 4 Nadas

Sometimes when you have a birthday someone will surprise you with a wonderful thoughtful gift. Sometimes when I walk into a donut shop and eat a glaze donut, I have that same feeling. This was a pleasant donut with great fluff and moistness. The only thing lacking was that the glaze was too thin.

Blueberry Donut? Yes! And it was good. Mmmmmm.

Coffee: 3 Nadas

Not bad, not good.

Special: I was blown away by the amount of creative donuts such as the Little Feet, Bowtie, Devils Wisp, Better Wisps, and more!

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Anonymous said...

Mr T's is a pretty good donut shop. When I delivered pizzas in north Modesto (back in the mid-90s) I would occasionally make a delivery to Mr T's; on one occasion I received a dozen donuts (my choice) as a tip. Yum!

My favorite donut shop in Modesto was always "We" Donuts at Scenic & Oakdale, haven't been there for years though...

Anonymous said...

Try going in on a Saturday or Sunday morning between 7-10am to have a hot donut.

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