Do something nice for someone today.

Today, as I looked through old photos on my computer I was reminded of a good friend who understood my affinity for donuts and wanted to do a kind thing for me. I was in Mexicali for the week with a youth group from Sacramento and we were there to serve a few churches in Mexico. We were staying at a large church that used to be bustling with people, but after a series of bad events it is now a small group of devoted followers of Jesus, trying to keep the church alive. My friend, Julio, is a young college student who leads the music there. He is a very talented musician with a huge heart.

Every time I head to Mexico or other "3rd world" countries I am reminded how fortunate we are here in California. I take for granted how easy it is for me to get clean drinking water, or how convenient it is to get food where ever and when ever I want. If I'm hungry at 1:00am all I have to do is jump in my car, head to Taco Bell, swipe a small piece of plastic, and fill my mouth with food I didn't really need.On that pleasant Mexican afternoon, Julio showed up with a smirk on his face, box of local donuts in hand and asked me how these donuts rated. I was blown away that he would share what little he has with me, only to bring a smile to my face.

Now, today, I am sitting here remembering how great it was to receive a small, thoughtful gift from a friend. I want to challenge you to go do something nice for someone today. It doesn't have to be big. Maybe it's just buying them a donut and giving a compliment. Whatever it is, you may make their day... and yours.PS. The Mexican donuts were tasty, but don't drink the water ;-)


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... a friend in fact "doing a kind thing" might help wean you off this obsession with what is not really a food, you need something help your brain!

i'd suggest a bit of overseas travel actually

NickB said...

Hey Dave! Here is my doing something nice - congratulating you on getting your story on the BBC News website here;
Nice one! Best, Nick, New Zealand

The Archives said...

Came from the BBC website article. Have you ever been to Pronto's Donuts in Pasadena, CA? It's next to the Pharmacy on the cross streets of E Washington and Hill. Go for the Apple Fritters--good price, awesome donut. Best fritter I've ever personally had.

The second recommendation is Hinkley's donuts in Jackson, MI. You have to get there between 5-7 am to experience the Hinkley's donut. Go for the Long Chocolate Creme-Filled. The cream is freshly homemade and is still warm when you bite into it.

Scrumps said...

I love posts like these. I also came from the BBC news article and I think the world would be abetter place if we all did one nice thing for somebody at least once a day. And doughnuts are awesome! :)

Ben Tew said...

your blog is rad. made me smile. if you ever find yourself in blacksburg VA check out carol lee donuts

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