Donut Heaven - Sacramento, CA

4 Nadas

After playing a gig in Sacramento, Dan and I decided to stop and treat ourselves to a post-gig donut. I hadn’t done a donut blog in a while so I thought it would be a good time to venture out and continue my search for the perfect donut. Unfortunately, this was not the day that I would find it. I was, however, grateful to the the sign in the window acknowledging that the store had passed it's food inspections. This donut shop is healthily safe!

Vibe of Shop: 4.5 Nadas
I walked in and instantly I felt at home. That warm familiar donut-pink lined the counter and display, while the ugly, hard, orange seats and tables called to me like a couch in my living room. Home Sweet Home.

Outside Appearance: 3 Nadas
Nestled comfortably in the back of a strip mall in Sacramento, there wasn’t much special about it. It was just normal and average. Actually it was a bit hard to find since it didn’t stick out.

Hours: Mon – Sat 5am – 6pm, Sun 5am – 4pm

Service: 5 Nadas
The guy behind the counter was happy, friendly, helpful, and Asian. Again, it felt like home.

Taste of Glaze Donut: 4 Nadas
The donuts

Blueberry Donut? No.

Coffee: 3 Nadas
The coffee tasted like… complimentary coffee that you get when you wait for your car to get an oil change at Jiffy Lube.

Special: They had mini Cinnamon rolls. How cute...

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