Trish's Mini Donuts - San Fransisco, CA

Dave's note: occasionally I like to have a guest critic check out a shop and share their thoughts. This blog is by Andrew Penniman, my house mate. I read through this, and though it's hard to believe that he found a donut worthy of 5 Nadas, I can't hold him to my standard of expertise. I have mostly likely tasted hundreds, if not thousands more donuts than he. Still, thank you, Andrew, for taking the time to invest in this blog. We all appreciate it. :)

Overall Shop Rating: 4 1/2 NadasAlthough I have experienced a fraction of the donut shops that Mighty Dave has conquered with incredible valor, I was pleasantly surprised to run into this unique and tasty shop while walking back from a classic San Fransisco dinner of clam chowder in a bread bowl. I could smell the fresh baked mini donuts from two piers away and I followed my nose right to Trish's Mini Donuts.

Vibe of Shop: 3 1/2 Nadas

The shop is walk up only, although there are a few tables outside if you want to sit and enjoy the fresh, hot donuts. It doesn't carry the feel of a tradition shop (no donut pink to be found anywhere) but the donuts they serve up more than cover for the street stand feel.

Outside Appearance: 4 Nadas

They did have a cool sign that was well lit at night, making it easy to spot the source of the delicious smell. The tables outside were clean and provided a good people watching location while we enjoyed the tasty treats.

Hours: Didn't see a sign, although it was around 9 PM that I got the mini mouthfulls of donuty goodness and they didn't look like they were closing down anytime soon.

Service: 4 Nadas

This place was pretty crowded and rightly so, which meant the service was brief but effective. They did go out of their way to make me a fresh batch of coffee.

Taste of glaze donut: 5 Nadas

So they only carry one donut here at Trish's Mini Donuts: The Mini Donut. It is exactly as the name implies. A small version of a regular sized donut, complete with the hole in the middle. As for the taste, it was melt-in-your-mouth, should-have-ordered-more, they-refill-the-bag-for-$2.50 delicousness. I can't recommend enough stopping by this place if you happen to be cruising Pier 39 in San Fransisco. If you have friends, they have a bucket option that could prove tempting if you were one person on a mission to consume as many mini donuts in a day as possible.

Blueberry Donut: Nope

Coffee: 3 1/2 Nadas

It tasted great and as I mentioned before they made me a fresh batch. It was some standard Starbucks drip, but it complimented the minis quite well.Special:

The cool thing about the shop is that you can watch the donuts being made and when they serve them up in the bag, you watch the final process of the cinnamon and sugar being applied right after the donuts are made.

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Angelina said...

I've totally been there! Good place!

Ysa said...

Every time I go to San Francisco, I pass buy Trish's. Boy, was I sad when I came back for a refill and the lady in the register looked at me like I was crazy. :(
They've stopped the refills.

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